Experiencing India

Travel Week: Rajasthan 9th-16th October 2016 Travel week is a 7-day experience of India outside of the MUWCI parameters. My experience was headed up north in the beautiful state of Rajasthan. People had always said that India is too big to be defined or described in one way, that the minute you step into another […]

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Great Canyon Hiking Trip

I just want to go one more adventures. Be around good energy. Connect with people. Learn new things. Grow. In September this year (2016) we went on a hiking trip at this beautiful canyon called Great Canyon. It was a hilly place, filled with trees and waterfalls. Most of the paths were extremely narrow and […]

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Life in the Villages

People tend to forget everything they have and focus on what they don’t.    Homestays is when we get to stay with the villagers for a night and understand the dynamics of the different villages in our area. On the left is one of the tiny fish we caught with our villager friends: Mahesh, Vijay, […]

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Recreation: Learning Marathi

Second Term: Jan-2nd Feb 2017  I joined this recreational activity because I wanted to at least attempt to break the language barrier between the locals and myself. I am living on their land after all, the least I can do to appreciate them and their culture is to learn their language. I want to be […]

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Voices of MUWCI

I joined Voices of MUWCI because I thought it would be an opportunity to engage with the writers in this particular community. I’ve always been interested in writing, I used to edit a lot of creative writing pieces for most of my friends in my previous school, I wrote a book and a collection of […]

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