Voices of MUWCI

I joined Voices of MUWCI because I thought it would be an opportunity to engage with the writers in this particular community. I’ve always been interested in writing, I used to edit a lot of creative writing pieces for most of my friends in my previous school, I wrote a book and a collection of poems as well. The aim of this project was to engage the college in a writing experience, in which they could choose any form of writing to express their feelings on their day-to-day here at MUWCI; their writing would then be edited and added to the anthology that the Voices Crew would design and publish at the end of the year.

Voices of MUWCI showed great promise at the beginning of the term but because there were only 4 members (all first-years) with only two of us being committed to the cause we didn’t have the manpower or motivation to do much. I gave plenty of suggestions and worked on them (putting up posters, sending out emails for people to submit plays and announcing our project during college meeting) but only a few people handed in their written work and our project facilitator thought it better for us to join more promising projects. Despite the net failure, I found that I developed my leadership skills because I took on the task on coordinating the activities. I will use these skills in the future, but I will be more focused on perseverance and positive thinking. Otherwise this was a great opportunity, I wish it lasted longer.


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