Recreation: Learning Marathi

Second Term: Jan-2nd Feb 2017 

I joined this recreational activity because I wanted to at least attempt to break the language barrier between the locals and myself. I am living on their land after all, the least I can do to appreciate them and their culture is to learn their language. I want to be able to go out into the villages and be able to converse with the villagers, to understand the complexities  that exist in their language, as a way to understand them as people. Studies have shown that the structure of languages says a lot about the people, about their history, their stage of civilization etc. For instance, in Indonesia there is no future or past tense so if you were to say ‘I went to the market yesterday’ you could only say ‘I am going to the market yesterday’. Which may suggest that the people are deeply rooted in the present moment, that the passing of time isn’t as significant to them because now is all we’ve really got. I want to be able to infer such theories for native Marathi speakers in my 2 years here at MUWCI.

Otherwise the sessions have been going on quite well, but  I have only been able to attend a total of 3/5 sessions because I had meetings that clashed with this recreation and it was cancelled once for Theatre Season Rehearsals. I can currently introduce myself (my name, age, where I’m from) and count to ten. I have encountered a few disparities between my mother tongue (Swahili) and Marathi for instance, the verb is placed at the end of the sentence so for instance, ‘Bill ate an apple’ would translate to ‘Bill an apple ate’. I’m not quite sure what this suggests about Marathi culture but I’m determined to find out as I continue to expand my knowledge of the language and practice my oral skills with Kriya girls during our swimming sessions. The only challenge I’ve faced is in pronunciation of certain words because the sounds are sparsely different from English and Swahili, but I will try my very best to work on this by speaking more and listening to Sharayu and Pratiksha (the facilitators) speaking in Marathi.

Excited 🙂


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