Life in the Villages

People tend to forget everything they have and focus on what they don’t.


Homestays is when we get to stay with the villagers for a night and understand the dynamics of the different villages in our area. On the left is one of the tiny fish we caught with our villager friends: Mahesh, Vijay, Sanen and Manish and on the right is a group picture (I’m on the extreme right).

These are individual portraits I took with the family we stayed with. They were very friendly and they taught me a lot of Marati which is the local language in the state of Maharashtra (including how to introduce myself and ask for tea). In the 1st photo on the left you may have seen a cow in the background. The villagers live with all their domestic animal, because they can’t afford to have a barn and don’t even have too many animals to keep there. I also learned that they consider their cows holy which is why they don’t eat beef. I had great fun!

What did I take from this experience?

The villagers didn’t have a whole lot but they were quite happy and content with their living standards. I learned that we don’t need more things we just have to appreciate the things we already have.


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